Fashion values: the unbearable balance between being unique and on trend

My very own bowler-deemed-cloche hat from Marc by Marc Jacobs, courtesy of the Outnet

Is it just me, or everyone instantly thinks of Milan Kundera when confronted with the word “unbearable”? Nevermind that; let us enjoy however the fact that we (I) were (was) reminded of one of his great novels, a particular one which pays homage to the bowler hat at a certain crucial point — The Unbearable Lightness of Being is what we are talking about, friends — and linger on the headpiece for a few minutes.


Hats are, I believe, a great transition point in terms of personal style. When one decides to wear such headpiece on a regular basis, an important point has been made: “I truly don´t care if you think I look ridiculous”. The fact is that unless you are Queen Elizabeth II, your hat may be passionately criticized by the public in general, not in the constructive way; let us remember that most of the regular people — those who think Anna Dello who? is a weird, crazy woman, A.K.A the majority of the population living on Earth — find Philip Treacy fascinators absolutely ridiculous.

However, when moving back to the fashion grounds — meaning those places in which the letters A,D,R have a meaning as obvious as F,D,R do — your choice of hat will speak even more loudly of the commitments your soul has made to sartorialism: will you go with tradition, emulating gangsters with a fedora, early twentieth-century starlets with a cloche, Fred Astaire with a top hat…? Or will you prefer to instead pay homage to a Cézanne painting — or Carmen Miranda, it all depends on your own personal references — and go for a piece rather similar to a basket of fruit?

What is unique, and what is trendy, when it comes to wearing hats? Everything or nothing? Is there a hat equivalent to what Isabel Marant wedge sneakers meant to fashion this year (this is extreme rhetorics, as the obvious answer is NO)? In fact, what kind of opportunities are created and destroyed for a fashionista when such a massive takeover occurs — should one stay true to the sneakers because even though they do not display one´s unique eye for style anymore, they are still rather cool; perhaps more importantly, they are so now? On the other hand, how far from whatever is so now can one go for the sake of outlining strong personality and still be fashionable? To me, there is clearly a dialogue between trend and not that for its subtlety, makes it all the more magical when a look really works — try to notice how originality actually emerges from very private dialogues between the old and the new.

Hats are, to me, the epitome of such discussion between uniqueness and trendiness — because there is very little else that strongly evocates timelessness and at the same time, as strong and potentially insane as this particular accessory; the attitude, here, comes from deciding to tell your own story in the form of a thing you will wear on your head.


4 Comments to “Fashion values: the unbearable balance between being unique and on trend”

  1. Awesome post and analytical sense. I fucking love hats, and I’ll wear them when I please 🙂

    Keep these posts comin’!!

    BTW, is there an introduction post you have that explains your blog title? It’s a good one, I was just curious how you picked it.

    • Hey Addison,

      I’m a very lazy blogger and hadn’t realized until now that your comment was caught in the spam queue. Sorry bout that and regarding the blog title, I think it’s sort of explained in the first post but anyway, the point I’m trying to convey is that this blog is about women who are not necessarily millionaires and not necessarily victims, not only concerned about their looks and about love, but yes concerned about their looks and about love. I think women and men are somehow seen as different species, when in fact, we are all humans, with different points of view, perhaps.

      Thank you for the kind encouragement and happy holidays!

  2. Such a good post. Your’e completely right, hats are a real distinguisher. I actually think, with the exception maybe of the baseball cap (and I know from my dad’s own pain-staking hat-selection process that even these are included), all hats take some sort of conscious decision on the part of the wearer. I know that when I put one on, it’s never a haphazard thing (though, oddly enough, the few times that it is are when I actually feel most comfortable). It’s usually this sort of awkward last minute shuffle to convince myself that I don’t look completely idiotic and over-eager.

    You’re probably right, too. There are different kinds of hat-wearing. You can just give up and go crazy like Russo, or make some sort of attempt at trendiness ( I’d say the tamed-down fedora is having its moment. ) Strangely enough, I kind of think the attempt at trendiness is…less trendy (Guilty).

    Do you ever wear hats?

    • I usually wear that hat in the picture, less then ten times a year in winter. I definitely think traditional models — especially the more masculine types — are the sexiest!

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