On elections

Elections are over and Obama will be ruling a very important part of the world for quite a while. And even though there was a lot of talk about the Americans being rather torn between him and Romney, I just never really got where exactly those so many Romnatics were supposed to be — I don´t think I even met any, although I do know they exist somewhere. Anyway, that shouldn´t exactly be an excellent point considering the fact I am not American, nor live in America, but then again, taking into consideration the rather comfortable win that kept Mr. O. exactly where he is for another four years, I guess it was an excellent point anyway.

As a citizen of a world that still largely depend on the US for its stability and wellbeing, I did keep my eye on the American presidential elections. My point today is to remind everyone that blissfully, the US conserves many characteristics intrinsic to democratic republics and one of those is the fact the President is not all powerful and much of what you vote for is for coherence and ideals, as well as the action that is promised. So patience is required if (a) the President cannot live up to all his promises in one term, but does show coherence in his pursuits and (b) overall, considering how things were when the President got there, things did get better. To me, it comes to a matter of balancing the candidate´s intentions and competence, not simply to making a checklist of what has and has not been achieved among everything that has been promised — promises are a reference of intention, as achievement is a reference of competence.

Having said that, I will now have tea.

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