She´s 50 years old and doesn´t need make-up — SO WHAT?

She does look amazing without make-up, by the way. So does my mother. And probably, so do you

I´m shocked at how popular have become the recent paparazzi pictures from Julianne Moore walking around in NYC without make-up. The reason for the fuss is, basically: wow, she´s old and she doesn´t look horrendous wearing her own face. WTF? Seriously?

Please, guys, just don´t pay any attention to shit like that. Lady Gaga is fat, and now Julianne Moore looks good for a  woman so ancient. She doesn´t need make-up. Who needs make-up, please? To walk around town with my husband? Do all women in your families wear make-up all the time? Not in mine, in fact, I am one of the heaviest users, and certainly not because I feel I need it — just because I like to wear different colors on my face, and sometimes because I have a more formal event to which attend at work — I think I average 4 out of 7 days a week with make-up on. My mother and my grandmother only wear lipstick.

The media is talking about how incredible it is that almost dead Julianne Moore can even be looked upon without make-up, but the fact is we hear this pathetic stuff about women in her 20s, 30s, 40s — should it really be amazing that Rihanna looks good without make-up? Should it be like, news? Are we lacking news, for christ sake? Someone please get pregnant or cheat on someone or something.

People do not look as perfect as they usually do on the cover of magazines or at parties (and most of us up the ante at a good party, not just celebrities). The thing is that´s OK. Chipped manicure, or no manicure at all, or that moment between shavings/waxings, our hair just before we wash it, a little wrinkle or some purple around the eyes — that´s just how life, is, right? Please do not demand from me to look my very best every single minute of my life. Do not demand that from anyone, especially yourselves. Life is so much more than perfection.


3 Comments to “She´s 50 years old and doesn´t need make-up — SO WHAT?”

  1. Is this what the society asks the women? To be young, pretty, perfect? Why the magazines need to publish such a silly news? Maybe, you’re right, we have to take example from our mothers. Not only for the lipstick.

    • I think that kind of celebrity scrutiny is starting to invade our lives and making us feel involuntarily nervous about having a chipped manicure or, you know, wearing prescription glasses to the bakery. What if “they” see me? Oh, please, let´s just go buy some bread. 🙂

  2. I love Julianne Moore. She’s a goddess who can do no wrong in my books, and she looks gorgeous without makeup! I love reading your blog.. I would love it if you could stop by mine as well!


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