The Quest for the Yellow Blazer

Here am I, back from a long time off wandering about Paris and Edinburgh like a maniac and then not having time to write to you friends. I should probably write a post about some (almost) under the radar things to do in the City of Lights, or perhaps develop into good writing some of my feelings regarding medieval fortresses, royal murder, the mists of Avalon and bagpipes (those feelings are all of the highest form, I can assure you). Instead, I have a headache and I bring you, my fellows, the Quest for the Yellow Blazer.

It began online, during one of my almost daily sessions of torture on net-a-porter. A splash of mustard attracted my eyes and my heart followed with a bang into which it almost forever faded, except I still needed it in order to purchase a blazer or, in fact, anything, so ultimately it kept on beating as usual:

Dear blazer, why oh why is my size sold out? And why the effin´ why are you so effin´ expensive anyway.

I then decided it was the concept that mattered. Yeah, screw Rag & bone. Screw that blazer. I needed a yellow blazer. A perfect yellow blazer, not necessarily a designer yellow blazer one I would find and buy and have if it was the last thing I would do.

Second stop was Stella McCartney. But that was too much for my already tortured budget, consumed by a, well, fairly budget consuming trip. It doesn´t hurt to look, though, so here it is:

This is a slightly yellow-er alternative from the previous one, or so it seems from their pictures.

I later learned that the Outnet has also a nice version of this lovely, summery version of formal attire (OK. I know we are well into summer now. Pardon me for being so late with this comeback… this post should have been posted about a month ago!), by ALC:

I decided, however, I wanted to go for a real low cost alternative. Enter Zara, H&M, and Topshop. Literally: I did enter A LOT of H&Ms, Zaras and Topshops, in a few different countries I might add (that´s when I realized their collections are fairly homogeneous all over the world), and found a few exemplars, some that in fact leave the arena of blazers and enter other coverup categories:

Amazingly, at the time of my search I did not find any exemplars of nice yellow jackets or blazers at H&M. I see they have two interesting alternatives now (I tried to publish their pictures as well. For some reason, I can´t get their links to work, so click here to find out how those H&M yellow blazers look like):

Well, among all the choices before me, I finally fell for this option available from Topshop. It is a mustard yellow, more suitable for seasons less bright than summer, even though the rolled up sleeves kind of put a hold on that thought (yeah, as a matter of fact, it totally puts a hold on that thought, but I still love the color and think it´s more wearable than bright yellows):

My idea is to play up the summery hue with some daring color-blocking, particularly those accessing the nature of the ideal warm, sunny days that should come with July and August: clear skies and the remnants of the lovely colorful spring flowers can be emulated through the use of this jacket combined with hot pink shoes and a perfectly blue, light and flowy dress. A neutral bag, perhaps with a more discrete print bringing some of the colors of the look together would be a nice finishing touch. Something like this:


(forgive the price of the purse. i tried to go for more affordable items when it came to the shoes and dress; it´s just that this bag illustrates so beautifully the look I was trying to convey. take in the inspiration if you enjoy it in any way)

So, do you share in my obsession with yellow blazers? Do you find my Yellow Blazer Round-Up any useful? What is your summer fashion craving this year (if you could name a single one)?


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