Thoughts concerning a contemporary lady´s approach to fun

Have disappeared for a while. I am bored.

I have begun this blog out of absolute boredom, and now I realize a bored person cannot say anything that much interesting anyway. I am not saying I do not truly find the subject of femininity important — I do, and I do think there is room for developing some thoughts about it a little outside of the box.

So if I am bored and I am a woman and this is a blog about femininity, we may take this as an opportunity to tackle the matter of leisure, excitement, and the female. Classically understood, the equation girl + fun equals shopping + design + beauty. At times, colorful and creative alcoholic drinks and art shows can be added to the right side as well. And chocolate.

Lately, I have perceived a slight distinction in this, say, traditional-feminine-magazine approach to women having fun, and it sort of goes like this: anything that qualifies as charming is girly. So, femininity has turned into pampering and attention to detail, particularly where design is concerned. Even the traditional realms of ladyhood such as beauty saloons have suffered an extra dose of new age femininity, now announcing extras such as cocktail hours or being decorated by renowned designers – Maria Bonita, a “brazilian” salon in NYC, offers free caipirinhas accompanying a wide variety of treatments — click the link and enjoy the Gilt City offer (ending real soon).

I find this a very interesting move for a number of reasons. First, it approaches ideal feminine to ideal masculine, as the subject becomes less relevant than the aesthetics involved in presenting it: no longer a matter of luxe, either, a characteristic I dare say was rather masculinely treated not a long while ago unless when related to fashion. A luxe car can be sold to a man in a way and to a woman through an entirely different strategy, but the object of publicity is no longer mostly a masculine crowd and must be taken into account even in early product design stages. Same will occur with restaurants and bars, hotels, and a wide variety of social events.

Men are, however, still seen as ogres in their hearts. A fine example of this basic feeling towards the gents is this guide to male feet grooming presented by the weekly journal edited by masculine e-boutique MR PORTER, featuring notes such as “if the skin in your soles is tougher than an elephant´s hide, seek the services of a professional” — try to find a same sort of direct, harsh advice directed to women; it is sort of unthinkable that a chic lady that purchases Louboutins for her feet would need advice related to the thickness of her sole´s skin or the need of eventual nail trimming and prepping before choosing to wear a pair of sandals.

Credit: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

There is, however, a line that still separates feminine and masculine aesthetic as well. A range of colors, an approach to light, a choice of lines, and a level of boldness in mixing it all — I will dare say again, the feminine encompasses it all. The masculine is still limited by its own, characteristic (another daring comment) stiffness. A critical evidence supporting my argument was recently provided by  Mr. Marc Jacobs in the recent edition of the Met Gala: no one, and I say this confidently, has yet truly sold the concept of men wearing dresses to either a male or female crowd. And if Marc Jacobs is one of those who are trying and failing, I am not optimistic any of the others will accomplish that deed anytime soon.


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