My fashion routine

Well, as none of you could possibly know (since this is my fifth post), I have a daily fashion routine which painfully instigates me to buy things like a mad person — I do not surrender to these sordid impulses however, since they are, well, sordid, and as previously mentioned, would turn me into the equivalent of a mad person. This routine is actually well represented in my “fashion” menu, but let us go through the details:

The Outnet: every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, I check for their new stock. From Fridays to early Mondays (how early depends on where you are in relation to NY or London), they usually will offer additional discounts that may reach extra 40% off selected items. This is an amazing website for those who live in any side of the pond, as they have the US site taking care of the Americas and the International site, catering to eastern hemisphere fashionistas. Import taxes aside (you should check on those before ordering anything if outside of the EU or the US and Canada), it may be an honest worker’s (hello, Labor Day!) chance to purchase that McQueen dress for 10% of its original price tag.

In its first two years, the Outnet has held insane birthday sales that would basically give away incredible designer pieces worth over 1500 US dollars for… one dollar (or euro) plus shipping on the first birthday sale, and two dollars (or euros) with COST FREE shipping on the second birthday sale. This year they did not entertain us with a third lavish fashion party, no. Well, I must say I did get as lucky as hell with those mad giveaways. Of course I also did work hard for it: as in none of the cases the website announced the starting time of the sale, in both years I basically spent the night awake and set for running towards my computer the second I got their email announcing it was finally on. The first sale was on a first-come first served basis, and I was lucky to purchase a Miu Miu dress after less than 2 minutes had gone by from the moment I received their message containing the link to the sale. I spent the rest of the night trying hopelessly to score a second bargain, as the website basically crashed from all the incredible audience it got all at the same time. Second sale was more organized: they randomly distributed up to 2000 tickets to anyone who signed up for the sale. I signed up with about 100 emails. Yeps. Got two tickets which developed into a Calvin Klein Collection dress and an Alexander Wang winter coat. That’s a way to vamp up your closet!

Net-a-porter: well, my next step in my daily fashion routine is to go through this wonderful e-shop’s new arrivals. These will come on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and will cost you heaps of money you may not have near your wallet at this particular moment in time. They can make you smile, though.

To collect my prizes at Net-a-porter, I will wait for the months of July and December. This is when end-of-season sales will happen there. If you are strong enough, start shopping about three weeks from the sale’s first go-ahead: that’s when they usually will add further reductions + new items to the sale. Shoes and bags will begin at 30% off, going up until 70% and sometimes 80% off – however, there will be little of the bags left for you to purchase by the time prices drop like this. Clothing will go from around 40-50% off at the beginning till the same 80% by the very end of the sale.

I am now in a mad addiction for Calvin Klein Underwear, which I find very useful to buy on Net-a-porter sales (because at the Outnet you will never find your size, or the matching pair of briefs and bras). Other than that, I did buy my first Jimmy Choos thanks to their lovely job in reducing these shoes’ ridiculously high price tags.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards: so, this blog was my introduction to fashion. I used to take a look at what actresses wore at the Oscars or maybe the Golden Globes and Cannes, but that was pretty much it. I think it was through RCFA that I got to know the previously mentioned e-boutiques, as well. I guess the consistent critique with a rigorous eye for detail has sort of shaped my aesthetic, as I now abhor tights and find myself very bored at black pumps (I don’t however share in the hatred for white shoes). I also find their work very respectful, as I understand it’s hard to say someone is outstandingly not well dressed without being offensive.

The Man Repeller: now this is really good fun. I am a fan of Leandra Medine, although not necessarily of how she dresses. I don’t share in the love for bullet or eye shaped jewelry or muscle tees (these are for the thin ladies in my opinion) nor I think she always creates beautiful shapes from her juxtapositions, but I do believe she has an amazing eye for shoes and well, the girl has balls (which does explain perhaps the man repelling thing, at least in many cases). I think this is one of the most free and feminine fashion blogs around; a woman who dresses exclusively for herself, who is completely aware of her status as an eccentric, and who embraces it nonetheless. Is eccentricity a tougher path for women than for man? I just thought of that question. Well anyway, this blog is truly worth your while, as the author is a very talented and funny writer and her looks, very inspiring (although you may not necessarily reproduce them literally). She has also got me laughing a lot at myself as she described a pair of Prada sunglasses that is one of my greatest obsessions as white furniture on your face — look at me, doing my man repelling. Well I do like some out of the ordinary pieces, but Ms. Medine will take that sentence to a whole new level I cannot afford to reach (as in I don’t have enough cash to reach it and as in I don’t want to repel my boss because I need him to promote me so that I have enough cash to reach it as well).

Yeah, well, that’s it for my basic fashion routine. As for advice, well,

(i) don’t purchase anything unless you truly feel you need it AND it’s a bargain. Otherwise you — and by you I mean your bank account if you are a mere mortal like me — will not survive this daily scrutiny of web boutiques

(ii) don’t buy stuff you cannot try on and exchange later — if you do, be sure you know your size and measurements (and the garment’s) really well. Be critical of what you wear and don’t buy online a shape you never wore before (unless, again, you can return it if it does not fit). If you have particularly difficult proportions — such as breast size or stronger thighs: be extra extra careful, and perhaps opt out of purchasing items that may be ill-fitting in those areas on e-shops. I have a pair of shorts I cannot fit into after losing 10 kilos, I’m just hoping the last 5 will do the trick. They are extremely loose around the waist, and still too tight on my legs…

(iii) decide how much money you will spend on clothes on each semester (or trimester, or month, I don’t know your level of addiction to renewing your wardrobe) and stick to the plan. Look for the sales, friend, the sales. Who cares it’s last season. Everything will be last season a season from now anyway.


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