Welcome, welcome to my boudoir

I wish I was drunk, although in fact, I am not. Almost, one might say — it is however quite early. Well, not morning early. Late afternoon early. It is a Sunday, though. A rainy one. A beautiful day, in my humble, domestic opinion.

I am a domestic person at heart, although I do too much outside of my home. I have been spending a lot of time outside — learning how to dance, learning how to sew, working out, and well, working. One has to do it mostly outside if they are not JK Rowling (my personal dream), Paris Hilton or I don’t know who else (probably a lot of people — not the majority of them, though).

This is a blog about femininity. At this point the most feminine thing I have to say to you is that I have fixed myself a quite girly drink — can I even call it that? Well, Mozart and cognac. An extra alcoholic spin on the classic hot chocolate. All this to turn the late afternoon time in front of the computer into something pleasant. This is of course extremely forbidden because I am, as all or most women, on a diet. Mine is extra-feminine as it is known as the Princess’ Diet, although you might also recognize it as the French Diet or the Dukan Diet. An incredibly effective torture that will (or should) deprive you of carbs for a few months in exchange for a body relieved from those extra 15 kilos (I lost 6 in 1 month, 10 in less than 3 — and I have been cheating lightly for the last 10 weeks or so). I recommend it — please do not take my bad example and eliminate all forms of alcohol while you are at it. Trust me, I hardly ever give in to temptation. Dukan has got me convinced, for almost 99% of the time, that carbs are the devil — at least until I reach my goal.

Human women. What the hell are they? They are you and me. They are rich and poor, they live in Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, Rio de Janeiro, New York, and I only name big cities because it is very hard to go global with the small ones. They are thin (most are thin) and overweight, they work and they don’t, they like men, women, both, and sometimes neither; they love and loathe fashion, work, housekeeping, children. But however different they are among themselves, they will always be even farther from men (will they?).

I believe feminine blogging is something necessary, and not really tackled in general. Some feminine subjects arise consistently, such as fashion and beauty or that sort of feminine magazine type blogs and websites (something must be said and done about so-called feminine magazines, as they are a strange guide to what women are supposed to like or be — a hybrid between all. celebrities. there. are. plus Cicciolina and a wealthy american dream housewife, less 20 kilos). I have the intention to take it one step further, though. I believe life through feminine eyes can be very much the same and yet entirely different from a man’s point of view, and I think this can show through any subject — from drinking to dancing, from dining to working. This is what I want to do here: be the woman I am, and bring the women you are to the spotlight. What will we be doing while at it? Anything. It doesn’t matter at all.

P.S.: please do not be upset if I take my time finishing the sidebar, the layout, etc. At this point and considering the time I took to kick-start this project, it is better for me to worry about contents before my mojo gets spoiled by any other trouble such as this hideous heading.


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